Addiction = FORGETTING

Hello beautiful creatures of Divine Inheritance,

As you might or might not know, I struggled with addiction issues, in one form or another, for many years.   I turned to addiction, which looks like too much food, tv, substance, etc, to fill a void I felt in my life.   What I have come to understand, without a doubt, is that my tendency to turn to external “things” is simply a symptom of an underlying issue that is not being addressed.  That issue, for me, is forgetting Who and Whose I am and the Truth of my being- that I am Perfect, Whole and Divine, created in the image of my Creator-God!

The deep, deep unconscious and conscious pain of forgetting that Truth led me to look externally to medicate and dull the pain; which only worked for a short time. My addiction thrived for many years until I began the process of REMEMBERING my Truth and creating a loving relationship with my Beloved God! One of the blessings of having lived with addiction is the ability to now help others struggling to overcome it. My addiction could be considered one of my biggest blessings, because I can be a source of healing and inspiration to others walking that painful journey of addiction.  As such, I have become a certified addiction specialist and have helped many people recover their Truth and REMEMBER who they are!

Please know, it is easy for me to slip back into those old patterns of turning to things to medicate whatever I am feeling or more specifically, not feeling.  The difference is now I can identify what behaviors indicate that I am in the forgetting mode of Truth and I get back on track to remembering.    When I do, that feeling of lack magically slips away!

Do you have a concern that you are looking outside of yourself to fill a void in your life? Do you worry if you have an addiction? If the answer is yes, I encourage you to reach out for help for as Albert Einstein once said, “The level of thinking that got you into a problem, is not the same level that will get you out of it.”

Let us together pray for those suffering from addiction, that they can know that their Spirit is stronger than their addiction. Let us send energy to help them REMEMBER their perfection! Let us hold them in love, so they can overcome this feeling of lack and move into Truth!

Until next time, I send you much love!


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