Professional Organizing

A professional organizer is someone who provides assistance in helping others organize their lives on the physical level. In this capacity, I guide, encourage and educate my clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus and direction.

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I can help you get organized and decluttered. Together we can organize your life:  your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closets, library, basement, storage room/unit, attic, garage or home office.  I can also help you with downsizing, packing and unpacking for an upcoming move or relocation.

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“We are touched by many people during our lifetime, but there are a select few that profoundly change you from the inside, out.  You have done that for me and I will be forever filled with gratitude and love.  Nothing has ever felt so “right.”  To live passionately, to love passionately and to be able to give passionately is a wonderful gift.  What a beautiful beginning you’ve given me.  I look forward to having you in my life for the rest of my life.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me!” Carolyn, Calabasas, CA