Consciousness Coaching

A consciousness coach is someone who helps people become conscious of their words and actions, while paying close attention to the thoughts that get in the way of living a life of JOY!   The process involves Identifying and removing the mental and emotional obstacles that get in the way of achieving your full potential and living your dreams.

Let me help you determine what isn’t working in your life and make steps to change them.  I will hold you accountable for the things you want to be held accountable for – until you are able to do that for yourself.

I will help you re-perceive your painful past experiences, own your projections, remember who you truly are and set goals and create concrete action plans- and so much more!  These things will bring you the freedom you have always dreamed of.  Packages vary from single sessions, to regular monthly calls to bi-yearly check-ins.

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“Trent is a gifted teacher; the insight and integrity that he brings to his work is very much evident in all that he does.” Michael- Los Angeles, CA