A little thing called FEAR

What is the one thing that hold us back from achieving our dreams and having fulfillment in our lives beyond imagination? Is it our parents, our loved ones, society or religious institutions who are stopping us? The answer is a resounding NO- but I am sure at one point of your life, and maybe even now, you thought they were.  The Truth?  It is us and a thing called FEAR!

Fear is a tiny little internal voice that lives between our ears, that we listen to that stops us from moving forward in the directions of our dreams!  FEAR is an acronym for “œFuck Everything And Run” or the more courageous choice, “Face Everything And Rise.” Many of us have been doing the first for a long time and it is time to do the later!  Do you agree?

Fear is of the ego, and the ego’™s job is to keep us safe. How do you know you are in fear?  Your body temple tells you with a feeling of dis-ease.   Know this- whenever we emotionally or mentally suffer we we are listening to the voice of fear/ego- which in Truth is simply a distraction from Spirit.  Use this “negative” feeling to re-connect to yourself and identify what next “right action” you need to take.

The ego says stay in the fear of moving forward because that is known territory and even though it is not a comfortable place to be (stuck, unfulfilled, bored and depressed) it is familiar. Let’s have the courage to walk through our fears (which in reality are illusions) towards our dreams and our heart-song, and find the joy and happiness that is beyond our wildest dreams. It is there waiting for you! How do I know that? Because I have had that experience myself and know it is our birthright and natural inheritance as Spiritual beings to have such an existence!

Be forewarned, as you walk the journey of self-discovery, the ego will act up in big ways, knowing it is being downsized and will escalate in attempts to hold you back from going into unknown territory. Know this unknown space holds many gifts and key to our happiness! I believe each of us was born to make manifest the divinity of our Creator and to have a joyful experience. We all have special gifts to share that were given by our Creator, especially for us. As Deepok Choprah states in his book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success “œWe each have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it.” What is most important is that it’™s not just in some of us, but in all. If we don’™t figure out our part in the great orchestra of life, then a piece will forever be missing! The world needs you!

What you will find on the other side of fear is an excitement for reconnecting with your source of joy, purpose, fulfillment and peace!

Today I ask you, “What little, tiny voice is stopping you from moving forward?  From having what you deeply desire?”   Whatever it is, question it and don’t believe it.   Then take a small, gentle step towards moving through it.  Is it a phone call? It it writing in your journal? It it taking a walk around the block? Is it having a conversation?    What you will find ACTION is the antidote for fear.  Try it and see!  I know you can do it!

Until next time, I send you blessings!


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