A Course in Miracles…

Hello beautiful people,

I am giddy as a school boy because I have rekindled an old LOVE!   No, it’s not with a person, although I do have lots of love in my life, but instead with a book!    Well, it’s not just any ordinary book, it’s called “A Course in Miracles.”

I first heard about ACIM when I was in Seminary learning about the spiritual traditions of the world.  My interest was peaked when I was introduced to the book because of the word “miracle.”  I always loved miracles and yet felt I rarely had them.    The teachings outlined in ACIM helped me understand that miracles are natural- when they don’t occur, WE are somehow stopping the flow of life and WE need to change that.    The course explains miracles simply as “a shift of perception.”  The perception that is getting us in trouble is that we are not ONE with each other and our Creator and once we shift our awareness from separation to oneness, a “miracle” will occur and our lives will become what they are intended to be, joyous, peaceful and happy!

A Course in Miracles is a book that was channeled through an unbelieving doctor in New York City back in the 60’s and is the considered to be the direct teachings of Jesus, the Christ.  Jesus “came again” through Helen to teach us what we didn’t get the first time around- that is – IT”S ALL ABOUT LOVE!  It is such a beautifully written, deliciously loving text!  That Jesus sure knows how to write 🙂

I loved and studied the course when I was in Seminary, but life got in the way and I got away from studying them.   I recently jumped back in and as I mentioned above, am in LOVE again!

The book is broken down into three sections:  one section is the actual text, one daily exercise or lessons and the last, a teachers manual.  I focus on the first two sections.  Every day I read a lesson and focus on it throughout the day and am brought back to the Truth of who I am!   A child of God! Perfect, Whole and Divine! It brings me GREAT joy and peace!

Practically speaking, this book is a course in mind training. It basically says that a trained mind is MUCH more powerful than an un-trained one.  The text and exercises teach us to focus on a thought system based on LOVE and not one on fear.   To make it simple, we should ask ourselves what is the core of our next action- love or fear- and behave accordingly.   Only focus on those thoughts and actions that bring love, nurture love and embrace love.  Who wouldn’t want to study such a teaching?  It is simply explained, yet as we know, not easy to apply to our daily lives.  This course helps us with that process.

I encourage you to check out A Course in Miracles.  Google it.   Find out if there is a study group near you.

REMEMBER- it’s all about LOVE!  Begin the practical process of focusing on LOVE with the help of ACIM!

Until next time, I send you LOVE!


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