Filling the Void…

Good morning,

Many times, people turn to coaches or therapists because hey have everything society says should make them happy, but don’t feel happy; they feel a void in their lives.  Why do I know this?  Because it was my experience many years ago, and have come to understand that feeling of dis-ease I had in my body temple (the void) was happening “for” me- for me to look at something within my consciousness that wasn’t working that was causing me to unnecessarily suffer.

What I believe to be true is this void comes from a lack of connection with Source, or their Higher Power, or whatever they choose to call GOD- and nothing else!  This usually stems from ones understanding, or lack thereof, of God not their actual personal experience. This creates a void in the relationship with the One which created us, leaving us unconsciously feeling separated from our Parent whom we deeply love and passionately loves us. No wonder why we feel so unhappy and disconnected.

If any of us have the concept of a fear based, vengeful God then I am not surprised in the least bit that we, up until now, have not had a relationship with Him/Her/It. My understanding and more importantly, my experience of God is just the opposite; all-loving and unconditionally accepting. If you have not revisited your definition of God since your childhood, more than likely you are dealing with a toxic god. This needs to be addressed immediately.

If you choose to update your understanding and definition of God, which I pray you do, then you can go about the process of creating a loving, gentle relationship with Him/Her/It. I have come to believe through my own personal experience of attempting to live without it, that if we don’t have a connection with our Source, then we will continue to be angry at the world and look externally to fill a void that will never, ever be filled without.   This is such a painful experience.

Once you begin working towards a relationship with the Divine, I strongly encourage you to find a community that shares your philosophy on spirituality or religion. There are many “New Thought” centers around the world that do not share the limited, angry philosophy of God and teachings of the organized religions that we knew growing up.

First step, go church shopping. Google “new thought” or “spiritual centers” or “church of religious science” or “unity” and the city where you live and then go visit them if you feel drawn to them. Each will have the essence of the minister who leads them.    Listen to your heart- it will lead the way.

I do believe that one of the most important adult research projects we will ever do is to search for a spiritual community that feels like home. I found that home many years ago and am deeply thankful for that community. I sat for hours weeping with joy because I knew I was ‘home.” I found what I didn’t even know I was looking for and my life has never been the same.  I wish this for you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

That is enough for today! I wish you a joy, love and peace that is well beyond your comprehension.   Namaste!


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