What is Spirituality?


As a spiritual teacher, I am constantly asked how I define spirituality so, I figured I would dedicated today’s blog to answer it!    Hope you find it helpful.

For me, spirituality is an unexplainable knowing that I am connected with something larger than myself that is omnipresent, omnipotent and all loving- whom I call my Beloved Creator, God.  It is a delicious understanding that I am a child of God- created in His/Her/Its likeness and image, meaning I am equally as Divine and Perfect.  With the monumental gift of life, I was given free will to do and experience whatever I so desire. The choices are mine!

With this understanding, comes the awareness that every being on this earth also has this same Divine relationship with their Creator.  If I am part of my Creator, and everyone else is part of theirs, then we are all connected.  What we do to others, therefore, we do to ourselves and vice versa.  How we live our lives directly affects everyone else on this planet! Spirituality is my conscious decision to choose loving-kindness towards myself and others whenever humanly possible, which benefits me and everyone I touch. Plain and simple, my definition of spirituality is living a life of loving-kindness!

Spirituality then becomes a way of being on a moment-by-moment basis.  It is the conscious attempt to respond to situations with compassion, kindness and love. It means doing unto others as you would want done unto yourself- known as the “Golden Rule”, from the words of the great master teacher – Jesus the Christ.   Spirituality also means having the intention to do the right thing, and then living with integrity and authenticity.

The key to success is doing the best you can-to the best of your ability, at any given moment. This concept is echoed in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements in his fourth agreement “Always Do Your Best.”  It is my belief we are all spiritual being having a human experience, so let’s try to have compassion for ourselves and others when our humanness gets in the way, and we don’t meet these elevated expectations 100% of the time.

I ask everyone who considers themselves spiritual to look at their actions to see if they are in alignment with their words- as actions speak much louder than words. I personally do not label myself as spiritual when speaking with others, as I believe if someone cannot tell I am a practicing spiritualist via my actions and peaceful presence, then I am doing something wrong!  I also ask those who do not label themselves as spiritual, but live spiritual lives, to acknowledge themselves for making a beautiful contribution to the world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all focus on living lives of loving-kindness- to the best of our abilities at every given moment?  The world would become a more loving, compassionate, kinder place to live. Who wouldn’t want that?

Until next time, I bid you peace, love and joy!


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