Practice Surrendering…

Good morning dear Ones,

Guess what? God/Universe ALWAYS gives us what we ask for and our prayers are always answered.  The issue is we are usually given the answers in ways we don’t expect and quite frankly, might not like sometimes. 🙂

For example, as you know the daily affirmation I recite every morning is “With ease and grace I surrender to the present moment, honoring GOD and myself as I share my love, joy and wisdom with the world.”   The key word to my affirmation is SURRENDER!  I say this statement to start my day off with REMEMBERING the truth- that I am not in charge and the only control I have in my life is how I respond to what happens. I pray to GOD to help me surrender as I have experienced the struggle that came from the illusion I was in control, and that no longer worked for me!

What I have found is the only way GOD can help me to surrender is by giving me opportunities to practice surrendering!  Does’t that make sense?  With this awareness, I am thankful (on a good day) for every situation in my life, frustrating as they may be, because they strengthens my surrender muscle; surrendering is the only peaceful way to go!

To make this understandable, let me share with you something that happened FOR me while in the process of publishing my book Triple A’s For the Soul- YOUR Pathway to Personal Freedom back in 2007.

As you can imagine, the process of writing a book is long and arduous and after almost 2 years working to make it perfect, I was anxious to having it completed.  When I was in the final stretch, communication with the company handing my distribution broke down which caused an additional month delay. I was SOOOOO frustrated, irritated and disappointed- I wanted it published already, dammit!

Once I received this news from them via email, I “lost it” and consciously had a human, non-spiritual moment.  I allowed myself to vent and bitch TO MYSELF for 2 minutes- letting whatever I was feeling come up!  Anger, irritation, frustration- you name it -and OH the four letter words that came out of my mouth! THEN, once I was done with my tantrum,  was able to ground myself and realize this was yet another opportunity for me to surrender.  The fact is I had no idea why the book printing was delayed because I couldn’t see the big picture; the only one who did was GOD!  Perhaps the world needed another month to prepare for my book. Perhaps I needed another month to prepare for its release!   Instead of focusing on the problem at hand, I moved quickly to what the solution was going to be.  Truth is, the past is the past and there is nothing that will change it anyway,  so might as well surrender to that, too!  What can you do in the now to make things different, is the question.

Obviously my book was published and received great acclaim.  In fact, I am in the process of publishing a 3rd edition as well as write a 2nd book.   So all was well then and all is well now- regardless of my judgement of it.

I encourage you to REMEMBER to surrender- “give IN” instead of “giving UP!” TRUST God/The Universe!  After all, why would your Creator not care for us and give us all we desire once the time is right- for all involved?

I know it’s not easy- I sure get that – but honestly, the only other choice we have is to suffer!  Aren’t we tired of that already? I sure was!

Until the next time, I send you love, light, joy and beauty!


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