Mission statement…

Good morning,

As discussed in my first blog post yesterday, I recently began a new Spiritual daily practice which involves reciting my personal mission statement when I wake, which is the following: “I am here to joyfully serve humanity- to remind people of their perfection and embrace their divinity! By focusing on these things in my own life, I will be a source of healing and inspiration for the world.”  Webster’s Dictionary defines a mission as “a sending out to perform a special duty”.  So, a mission statement would define what your special duty is and how you plan on achieving it. Many successful businesses have mission statements, which sets the bar for employee’s behaviors and focused them on a common goal. If it works for business, why wouldn’t it work for us personally?

So, reciting my mission statement first thing in the morning sends me on a course to be on purpose, consciously making sure that my actions, words and deeds are getting me where I want to go in life.

I encourage you to create your own mission statement.  It is a profoundly powerful tool to keep you on track.  Need help in creating one?  Let me know

Have a beautiful Saturday!


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