And here we go….

Hello dear ones,

I am beyond excited to begin writing a blog here on my new and improved website.  I hope my writings help you remember Who and Whose you truly are- which I deeply believe is my purpose here on this planet.

I have decided to make writing a blog entry a regular occurrence as part of my daily Spiritual practice.  I will wake in the morning, recite my mission statement, (which I will explain in more detail shortly), read a piece of Spiritual literature then write whatever is present for me in my blog entry a couple times a week.    I hope to inspire you with my words- which will be a glorious bi-product of the inspiration I personally receive from doing this practice.

I encourage you to respond to my posts, ask me questions and give me topics for future writings.  Feel free to voice your opinions as well- agreements or disagreements are welcome, but be prepared for a response 🙂

I look forward to walking this journey together.    Until then, I send you peace!

Namaste.  (I will explain what this means later, too)


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