Radical Forgiveness FREE teleclass

Wednesday, August 28th 8pmEST/5pmPCT

Is there anyone in your life who, when you think of them, makes you blow a gasket with anger and resentment?

Is there something a family member, ex partner or friend has done that you simply can’t forgive?

If they answers are YES, this teleclass is a MUST for you!

St. Augustine once said, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.”

When we have not fully dealt with the situations in our lives that others have “done” to us, we re-experience the original pain the situation caused, over and over and over again!  This is not necessary!

Join me for this FREE 1-hour teleclass that will teach you how to deal with these situations and free yourself, once and for all,  from the past and the pain!

For more information, e-mail me at Trent@TrentBlanchard.com.