Lifes little inconveniences…

Happy Sunday!

So often, I am in such a rush to get to wherever I am going that I don’t enjoy the ride of actually getting there!  I focus on the destination and not the journey!  Can you relate to this?  I have recently heard many of my clients being in such a state that they miss out on the everyday miracles of life that are all around!

In the past, I used to get so irritated when I would have to stop at a red light- it was slowing me down!  I used to get angry when the person in front of me at the grocery store had 17 items in the “10 items or under” lane.  Remember what “The Law of Attraction” says – that which you focus on, expands.   Me spending time getting irritated and angry only brought more of the same to me!   Recently, however, I have begun to think differently about these little inconvenience and instead, use them as opportunities to enjoy the present moment- where peace, joy and tranquility live!

For example, now whenever I have to stop at a light, I view it as an opportunity to be in the present moment and look for the beauty that surrounds me!  I now breathe deeply and open my eyes to all that is. I look at the details of the things around me. I see the magnificence of the flowers on the side of the road.  I enjoy the deep inhalations of my breath. I focus on the details of life and as Julia Cameron states in her book “The Artists Way”, sanity lies in the details!

In the grocery store line,  instead of getting angry, I now have the opportunity to take a deep breathe, say “hello” to people around me and spread joy- which then brings me great joy!

We all have times and situations like this in our lives.   We all have appointments where the other person is running late!  Can we get upset and irritated?  YES-you bet we can!  OR we can also choose to look at the situation differently- and reach into our briefcases and pull out our favorite book and catch up on some fun reading or call a friend who we haven’t connected with in some time!  We can use this time, this unexpected FREE time that used to bother us, to our benefit.

Life is about how we perceive it.   From this day forward, perceive that every little inconvenience is actually an opportunity to get present, breath, pay attention to the miracles in life and to do an activity that brings you joy and peace!



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