New Year- New Thought!

I was driving down the highway one day when I saw a bumper sticker that read “you don’t have to believe everything you think.” It took me the balance of my drive home to absorb the statement and acknowledge the timeliness and power of this message.

It is a timely statement because the weeks around New Years traditionally offer the opportunity to take inventory of the events that have occurred over the past year and identify the behaviors that worked for us, so we can set an intention do more of them in the coming year, while also being conscious of the ones that didn’t and consider eliminating them. Whether the results were positive or negative, hopefully we learned lessons from these experiences and set goals accordingly that will benefit us going forward.

It is a powerful statement, because if we truly comprehend its message, we can start the New Year off right by setting a goal to think altogether differently about our thoughts and in doing so, drastically change our daily lives. We truly do not have to believe everything we think- what a fascinating concept!

You may be thinking to yourself “what are you talking about- we don’t have control over our thoughts,” which I agree with. We, in fact, don’t have control over which thoughts we have, but we do have control over what we do after we have each thought.

The fact is that thoughts fundamentally are neutral – we are the ones that give them either positive or negative meaning. A thought that greatly disturbs me quite might possibly bring another person deep joy! It is also important to know that more often than not, thoughts aren’t even relevant- they simply are just thoughts.

Many spiritual teachers compare the process of our thoughts with that of clouds in the sky; we have no control over clouds, their color, the routes they float or their frequency- we know that clouds just are! If we try to control or stop these clouds from floating by- something that is out of our control- we will suffer and experience pain! How wonderful if we could treat our thoughts like we treat clouds- simply by observing and acknowledging them- not allowing them to have much effect on us.

This might sound like a lot of work, and quite frankly in the beginning, it is. Thoughts are relentless, insidious and never-ending. It takes a lot of conscious energy to observe our thoughts and respond in a way different then we are accustomed to, but what is the alternative- to continue living in the self-imposed jail of our thoughts?

Once you are aware that a negative, self-limiting thought is present, how about simply observe and acknowledge it. Gently say to the thought, “thanks for sharing” and focus on what is True- the Truth of who you really are! This, of course, implies that you already know that you are a perfect, divine and whole being-just as you are. It is my firm belief that any thought that comes forward not in alignment with this is irrational and self-limiting and needs to be discarded – if we want to live peaceful, joyous, truth-filled lives.

You will find when you successfully do this, what you have just done is assigned a new job to something that in your past caused you distress- your negative thoughts, hence using it to your advantage by focusing on what is True in your life.

Know this- the thoughts we feed are the thoughts that live and how we feed them is by giving them focus, energy and attention. If you want to live a joy-filled, truth-filled life, spend more time focusing on those thoughts. Our experience is totally up to us. How empowering to know we have a choice! How different would our lives be had we been taught this concept in grade school? The beauty is it is never too late to learn!

I strongly encourage you to consider changing your belief about your thoughts NOW- as we begin a new year. If you do, you will experience a new found freedom and find your life quickly changing for the better.

Remember your experience is in your control. Start 2013 off right with the new awareness that says you don’t have to believe everything you think!

What do you “think” about that?


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May 2013 bring you joy and abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

Namaste, Trent



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