The Other Shoe…

Good morning,

After working with clients for some time via coaching, I often hear them ask “I have been doing a lot of inner work and am experiencing the fruits of my labor. My life is going really well and I am happy.  I can’t help but feel that the other shoe is going to drop. Can life really be this good?”

What a brilliant question- which I am sure many can relate to; I know I used to feel this way.  The answer is a resounding YES – life can be this good and in fact, that feeling is your natural state of being.  We were born on this planet to have a joyful experience, similar to how we operated when we were small children.  Life is about doing the work that is necessary to remove the obstacles (the self created ones) that come up along the way that block us from having that experience.

It is important to remember that life happens- things are going to happen that you have no control over.  However, what you do have control over is how you let them affect you and how you perceive them; they can either be small bumps on the road that slow you down a bit or life-size pot-holes that swallow you up.  Whichever perspective you choose is up to you!

I always tell people to enjoy the new found happiness they have worked so hard and long for. I also encourage them to try a new belief on for size- THERE IS NO OTHER SHOE!



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