Random Acts of Kindness…

Top O’ The Morning to Ya!

Have you ever ran out to the parking meter, minutes after you knew it expired, only to find a couple minutes left?  Have you ever been sad or lonely walking through life, simply to be greeted by a stranger passing by who gave you a huge smile and your day was changed for the better?  If so, you have personally experienced the power of a ‘random act of kindness.”

Random acts of kindness are little things anonymously done for others, usually strangers, that honor them for simply being human and sharing the planet with us.  We acknowledge them just for being- no other reason! This experience can transform any situation!

What do RAK’s look like?   As stated earlier, a simple smile to a stranger or putting a quarter in an expired parking meter.   They are saying “hello” to someone who seems down, paying for a strangers coffee at your local coffee shop, sending a card to someone in the phone book reminding them that they are loved or putting a single flower on a strangers car!

Receiving a RAK is joyous!   I have many times been the recipient of them and my day was transformed to one of joy and gratitude.  However, giving RAK’s is powerful!   The fact is, that when we do a RAK, we not only excited with the idea of having someone touched by our loving act, but in the moment we are executing them, we, too are elevated to that loving space and experience the same end result.  Everyone wins! It is a profound, sacred experience that everyone loves.

If you want to see an uplifting movie that has the premise of RAK’s- see “Evan Almighty!”  You will be happy you did!

Go out today and do a RAK!   You will spread love, light and joy in the world, while experiencing all of those things within yourself simultaneously.  How can you go wrong?

Have a blessed day!


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