“The Coaches are In”

“The Coaches are In”
Weekend retreat in various locations around the country

Cost: $599 including room and board

Have you ever wanted to spend time talking with professionals about life – off the clock?  Have you ever wanted to ask questions about the meaning of life and discuss the answers with other like-minded people?

If the answers are YES- this is for you!

Join coaches Trent Blanchard and Liz Hodson for a weekend of growth, enlightenment and fun.  Leave the family behind and escape to the mountains to learn tools and techniques that will help you deal with life and life’s problems!   Topics include setting intentions, creating balance in life, goal setting, updating your negative core beliefs, letting yourself dream and honing your communication skills- all this while learning the basic principles of successful living!

For more information or to register, e-mail me at Trent@TrentBlanchard.com.

Testimonials from participants

“When it comes to coaching in the past I was against it because I didn’t understand it.  I have done similar work before with other people that only reached me on a mental level and I knew there was more out there.  You both helped me reach my heart at the couples’s weekend that has changed my life for ever.  I am forever grateful for going to this weekend and being part of this experience. Thank you so much and I love you both!”  Rick, Valencia, CA

“My weekend with the coaches was the best investment of my time and money. I was given tools that will me help both in my personal and professional life.  Do not think of going- just do it- and I promise you will come back a new and improved person! You will grow and feel the best both inside and out. It’s a must!” Steven, Stephensons Ranch, CA

“Liz and Trent put together a tremendous and life changing weekend.  I became aware of things that, now, I know were there all along but existed beneath layers of ‘stuff’.  My ability to keep things in perspective has significantly changed my view of the world, myself, and my family. As well, I’m not so overburdened wondering if I’ve done something ‘wrong’ and see everything now as an opportunity. I get now that the work is on-going, but I am forever grateful to Liz and Trent for helping me ‘see’ for the first time in my life.” Bess, Santa Clarita, CA