“Calling in the One”

“Calling in the One”
Teleclass starts quarterly

Cost:  $299 plus purchase of Calling In the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Are you ready to clear the obstacles that have been holding you back from love?
Are you ready to bring your perfect partner into your life?
Are you ready to be fully present in your current relationship?
Do you want to learn how to set a strong intention to love and be loved and get specific steps to help you make that intention a reality?

If so, join me for a 9-week teleclass giving you motivation, inspiration and lots of great tools to support YOU bringing forth the love you seek.

We will use the book Calling In the One to structure our sessions. You will work through affirming exercises with others as you use the law of attraction to bring you just what you’re looking for.

Even if you are in relationship, you can benefit from this course as you learn more about yourself in deepening your ability to love and how to attract all kinds of positive relationships into your life.

For more information or to register, e-mail me at Trent@TrentBlanchard.com.