Public Speaking

Do you want to empower your employees to reach the next level in their careers? Do you want to inspire your students to reach for their dreams? Do you need to motivate your colleagues to reach their maximum potential?   If the answer is yes,  I am the man for you.

I am a professional keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who inspires individuals and companies to unlock their potential, work more efficiently and live more effectively;  I motivate them to move into action.

I transform complex issues into simple, common-sense terms for practical application. My rich and varied background as a coach, counselor, Human Resources expert, workshop facilitator and performer have provided me with an educated blend of experience and presence that can move any organization or individual to reach their maximum potential.

Click HERE to see me in action while discussing management principles in “The Psychology of Management.”   Other topics include “Bringing Humanity Back to the Workplace”, “Ending the Cycle of Pain”, “Change Your Core Beliefs- Change Your Life” and “Life the Life You Love- Love the Life You Live.”   Click HERE for more information on each topic and HERE for my speakers one-sheet.

Each of the above are offered as keynotes, breakouts, seminars, workshops (½ day, full-day), retreats and webinars all customized for your group. I am also available as a panel guest or moderator. Each talk is customized for your group.

For more information, e-mail me at